Tips on How You Can Save Money on Your Pet

Tips on How You Can Save Money on Your Pet

Tips on How You Can Save Money on Your Pet
Tips on How You Can Save Money on Your Pet

Tips on How You Can Save Money on Your Pet

Every pet owner knows that being the pet parent to a dog or cat is expensive. The cost of veterinary care is on the rise as are food prices. But there are several money-saving tips that will make caring for your pet a little easier.

Create a Budget

Keeping track of how much you spend on your cat or dog on a monthly basis will help you stick to a budget so you do not overspend.

Yearly Physical

The yearly physical and blood test can help your veterinarian diagnose a condition before it worsens, and therefore is more expensive to treat.

Spay or Neuter

This procedure will surely save you money later on. Pets that are left intact could have more medical problems. Females could develop an infection in their uterus causing emergency surgery to remove the organ.

Do Not Hire a Dog Trainer

Unless it is absolutely necessary, do not hire a dog trainer. Usually owners can take on the task themselves which saves a lot of money. Libraries have books including AKC Star Puppy that you can borrow.


Look through the coupons that come in the mail or with the Sunday paper. Often there are savings on food, bones, and treats. It is also beneficial to receive emails from pet stores such as PetSmart and Petco, as they often contain in-store or website savings. If you purchase food or treats for your pet at your local grocery store, take advantage of double coupon day.

Buy in Bulk

This is especially helpful if you have more than one cat or dog. Warehouse clubs usually offer great deals on large quantities of food and treats.

Kitty Litter

Buy clumping litter. It is less expensive than litters made from exotic ingredients and works just as well.

Pet Insurance

Like insurance for humans, plans for pets can save a lot of money. It is important to research the right plan for your pet because some may include things you might not need such as spaying or neutering. Plans and the cost for monthly premiums vary from company to company. But no matter what plan you choose, it can add up to great savings if your pet becomes sick or injured.

Do it Yourself Grooming

Grooming or trimming your pet’s nails at home is a great way to have money left over at the end of the month. However, before you attempt to do it yourself, learn the right technique and proper restraining method from a trained groomer.

Have a Friend or Family Member Pet Sit

If you want to take a vacation, leave your pet with a trusted friend or family member instead of paying for several nights at an expensive doggy daycare. In exchange, you can watch her cat or dog when she goes on a trip or watch her children so she can have a date night with her husband.


A regular collar and leash works just as well as the expensive blinged-out or sports themed leashes and collars, so do not waste your money.


Some of the $15 dog toys on the pet store’s shelves are cute, but they will not stay that way for long. Before you know it, Fido will chew off an ear or the nose. Garage sales are a great way to get dog toys at a very low price. You can also buy children’s stuffed animals that will give your dog hours of enjoyment. Just make sure there are no loose parts.

Shelter Animals

Don’t have a cat or dog yet? When you are ready to adopt your new best friend, visit your local animal shelter instead of a breeder. Shelter animals are usually spayed or neutered and are fully vaccinated.

Hopefully these tips will help you save lots of money on your canine or feline friend.

  • The Zen Entrepreneur

    Great tips! I have 5 rescue kitties. When there were only 2 the vet and food bills were way more manageable. Now I have to come up with creative ways to save money for these guys! Thanks!

  • mike zacher

    Hey.. I just read this article on tips on how you can save money on your pet. These are good tips.. I just got a black female lab/shepard.. don’t have to buy the most expensive stuff. coupons are awesome.. dog training is mostly common sense.. i know the dog flew is going around and being around other dogs may not be the best thing to do for socializing

  • Vanessa Jones

    Great tips. I like the points on preventative care. Annual visits can save you from HUGE bills when you miss something simple.

  • rhonda benbo

    we have 5 cats (one more and we can be certified crazy cat people) and litter is the bane of my existence, thank goodness for on-line shopping, save me time, muscle and money. I always wait for the email offers with deals then stock up! I think the only one who doesn’t appreciate it it the UPS guy who carries it to my door….

  • Steve Ficker

    Great tips. Have one dog and 2 cats and the cost can really add up.

  • markcousino

    The library is a resource often overlooked for training and health care AND you can’t beat their prices!!

  • Shawna Gibson

    Great ideas! I only have one very spoiled small dog, but she still empties the wallet… so I appreciate any and all ways to save. Thanks!

  • CashBackQueen

    Great tips! I have two dogs who eat a $37 bag of food every 2 weeks and go through toys like nobody’s business! (Never thought of garage sales!)

  • Cindy Arsenault

    Thank you for the great tips! I’m always looking for ways to save money on my pet food and supplies!

  • Steven L. Rhyner

    Pet insurance? Wow…but when you love your pet as many people do they’re considered part of the family!