Sports Authority Price Match – Save On Your Next Purchase

Sports Authority Price Match – Save On Your Next Purchase

Sports Authority price match

Do you shop at Sports Authority often? If you are the type of consumer who likes name brand apparel, and sporting gear, equipment, and product lines, this is likely a retailer you have shopped with in the past. If you have, you also know their pricing is higher than many competitors. So, how can you save, and still buy the name brand sporting equipment with the trusted retailer? Via Sports Authority price match guarantees when shopping for a particular product.

Ad price match promise

With the Sports Authority price match, you can easily save on the purchase price of a particular item you buy through the retailer, in the event you find a lower marked price with a competitor retailer. How does it work? For starters, this is only for in store purchases which you make. So, if you find coupons or promos online, this is not a valid price match guarantee. If you find a lower price with a competitor retailer, they will reduce the price, and match the competitor’s price, right at the register when you are checking out to pay for your purchase.

Terms and Restrictions with the price match

There are of course terms and restrictions with the Sports Authority price match promotion which customers should be aware of. Some of these include:

– Prices and matching for reduced prices with competitors is only available to in store purchases.

– Only items which are currently “in stock” (not special promo) items, will be matched to the competitor’s lower price.

– Ads for lower price must be purchased in print and presented at checkout.

– Misprinted ad prices are not awarded and not valid for discounted price.

– The offer can’t be combined with other promos, discounts, or sales.

Further, the offer is not available for orders which are made through Additionally, customers will not receive a discounted or reduced price offer if it is listed as an “online promotion” only, through the competitor retailer.

Save on nearly any item

Regardless of the type of sporting clothing, accessories, gear, or shoes you purchase, the price match is a great way for you to save. Remember that it must be a printed ad, and misprinted items are not going to be awarded to customers. But, if you want to buy a particular item, and find a lower price with a competitor, you will receive the price match through the Sports Authority.

Why is this a great offer to customers? If you are a loyal shopper, if you have a Sports Authority rewards card, or if you simply like purchasing from a top supplier of athletic clothing, why not save when you make a purchase? This also allows you to shop around, and find the best price when purchasing any sporting equipment or clothing which you would like to buy. And, in the event you do find a lower price, you save. If not, you always know you are paying the lowest price, for any equipment or sporting goods you purchase, when you choose to shop at a local Sports Authority retailer facility.