Learn How to Save Money at Nordstrom

Learn How to Save Money at Nordstrom

How to Save Money at Nordstrom
How to Save Money at Nordstrom

Learn How to Save Money at Nordstrom

Nordstrom is an upscale retailer known for its great fashion items such as clothing, jewelry, and shoes. But they can come with a price unless you know how to save money at Nordstrom..

Anniversary Sale

Their Anniversary Sale is held in July, and is their greatest sale of the year. The best part (besides saving money) is that the new fall merchandise is included in the sale. So it’s a great way to save on the current season and the upcoming one at the same time. If you miss this event, try shopping during the half-yearly sales that offer discounts on current items and ones from the previous season.


All of their sales are available to be pre-sold. This means you can go to the store shortly before the sale begins and select the items you wish to buy. The store will hold them until the day of the sale as long as you provide a debit or credit card number. Your card will be charged once the sale starts and you can pickup your order. This is a great way to save money if you are unable to spend time shopping during the event, but keep in mind that you might not know in advance if an item you selected will be on sale.

Open Return Policy

Have you ever bought something that you decided to return, only you forgot to do it within a certain time frame? This has happened to most people, and of course it is a waste of money. But if you buy an item at Nordstrom and realize months later you have never worn it, you can return it for a refund due to their open return policy.

Sample Shoes Sale

If you need a new pair of shoes or boots, visit Nordstrom during their sample size shoe sale that the Salon Shoes department holds twice a year. You can save a considerable amount of money during this event, and it is a great way to buy shoes for the entire family.

Nordstrom Debit or Credit Card

If you shop at this store on a regular basis, consider applying for their debit or credit cards. Benefits include:

  • $20 Nordstrom Notes – Each time you earn 2,000 points, you will receive a $20 Nordstrom Note that use can use on any item at the store or on their website.
  • Personal Triple Points Bonus Days – Sign up online or in person when you are ready to earn triple points on your purchases. Depending on which level of rewards you are (based on how much you spend annually at Nordstrom), this opportunity ranges from one to four days. This is a great way to quickly earn a Nordstrom Note. Plan to take advantage of this offer when there is not a bonus points event.
  • Early Access to Anniversary Sale – Cardholders are given exclusive access to amazing deals before the sale opens to the public.
  • Alterations – Find something that doesn’t fit quite right? Your card gives you free alterations up to a certain amount if you are levels 1-3, and unlimited alterations if you are level 4.

Other Ways to Save

  • Price Matching – If you find an item that Nordstrom offers at another retailer for a lower price, they will match it as long as the item is sold in the same size and color at their competitor.
  • Sales Adjustment – If you buy an item that is reduced in price within two weeks of purchase, you can get a price adjustment.


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We hope these tips help you know how to save money at Nordstrom next time you are looking to update your wardrobe.

  • markcousino

    Love the store but man those prices…..maybe these cost-saving tips can help!

  • Mike

    I never heard of Nordstrom until I joined DubLi. Is that pathetic? Lol

  • Steven L. Rhyner

    If I’m near a Nordy’s and the timing is right I save money with their half-yearly sale! Awesome brand names and great prices! Or of course if I’m not, I use Dubli! LOL

  • http://www.wildcashback.com CashBackQueen

    Wow! I love Nordstrom and didn’t know any of the tips you mentioned here – will certainly take advantage of that! Thanks for sharing!