Insider Tips on Finding the Best Deals at Best Buy

Insider Tips on Finding the Best Deals at Best Buy

best deals at Best Buy
Best Deals At Best Buy

Insider Tips on Finding the Best Deals at Best Buy

Best Buy is an American consumer electronics corporation with home offices in Richfield, Minnesota. There are approximately 1,915 Best Buy stores worldwide.

So what are some insider tips for getting the best deals at Best Buy?

You’ve got lots of options. And because Best Buy has a solid reputation of standing behind their products, even refurbished, pre-owned and open-box ones, you’re covered if there is a problem—they’ll help you with a repair, replacement or return.


Take advantage of the “My Best Buy” program. As a part of this program you earn points for purchases and can reach Elite and Elite Plus status (which comes with extended return and exchange periods). You also receive certificates that go toward your next purchase, free shipping on orders over $25, and early access to special sales.


Find their best deals of the week online under Weekly Ad. Sign up for “Deal of the Day” emails to keep current on sales.


Evidently Best Buy is pretty sure they have the best prices, but you can try to prove them wrong. Do a little research online before you shop. If you find the item you want and it is listed at a lower price with a competitor, save the Web page URL (or print out the page) and give it to the Best Buy staff and you’ll get the lower price. Or call 1-888-BEST BUY and tell the rep where you found the lower price.


If you’re not picky about having your product wrapped in original packaging, or insist that it be squeaky-new, you can get great deals from Best Buy in cameras, GPS, computers, tablets, video games, MP3 players, musical instruments, TVs and more by buying from Best Buy’s open-box, refurbished and pre-owned categories.

Some definitions might help:

Open-box refers to products returned by another customer, products whose packaging was removed to display the item, or packages that were opened to check for damage during shipping.

Pre-owned refers to products that have been used, then returned to the store through the Best Buy Trade-In program. Each item is inspected, cleaned and restored to full working order. In some cases, all the accessories may not be included and usually the item is not in its original packaging. Frequently the item will have a limited warranty and in any case is backed by Best Buy’s Return & Exchange Promise. An exception to this is pre-owned merchandise sold by Marketplace Sellers. Ask store staff for details.

Refurbished is similar to pre-owned, except that it includes items that had defects right out of the box. Products in this category are repaired and returned to a like-new condition. Best Buy provides the assurance that the product works and that all parts and accessories are included (may be original or a comparable substitute). Refurbished products all come with a warranty (of varying lengths of time) and the good old Return & Exchange Promise, with the same exception for Marketplace Sellers.

Go online and browse “Best Buy Outlet” for refurbished, pre-owned and open-box deals. Your search will bring up items from multiple stores. Just enter your zip code to find all the deals in your area, then order online and pick your item up from the store.


Pay attention to shipping. You have a lot of options with Best Buy that allow you to avoid paying for shipping, including their “Friends and Family Pickup” where you order online and have somebody else pick it up at the store nearest to them. You can also pick up your item directly from the Best Buy Warehouse.


Not really the kind of couple who collects china? Best Buy could be your best bet for getting items you really do want to start your married life.

Best Buy has a super simple wedding registry that lets your friends and family access your online wish list and buy you exactly what you want. Or you can print out the registry and give out hard copies. Best Buy also offers extended returns and exchanges with their registry so you have extra time to see if the gift will work for you before returning.

Best Buy has a checklist to help you put your registry together, as well as an app so you can add items by scanning as you window shop in their store or online.

The registry also has an option called “Group Gifting,” which allows guests to contribute toward anything on your registry that costs $200 or more.


Electronics is a huge and growing part of our lives. Being informed and taking advantage of the best deals at Best Buy can save you a bundle of cash on your next purchase.

  • Mark Palushaj

    Wow, I didnt realize how easy it could be to find the best deals. Thanks for this, Best Buy is one of my favorite stores.

  • Tom Price

    What a great site to save money with

  • mike zacher

    I use best buy a lot.. My son bought his computer there when he was a freshman in college.. they rally have turned their operations a 180 degrees.. much easier to get someone to help and answer your questions. The store I use is also remodeled

  • Mike Sheehan

    I have the best buy saved saved and always get the deal of the day. I have gotten some really good bargins.

  • Jolanda Junge

    Good to know!!! Best Buy is always my first choice for electronics. Has always been a good experience. Even better now that can buy online, get cashback, and pick up at store.

  • Steven L. Rhyner

    If you’re not hung up on “new” the open box prices are sometimes pretty good!

  • CashBackQueen

    One of your tips that a lot of people ignore has worked well for me! Deal of the Day! Get on ALL your favorite stores email lists! Many people are reluctant to give out their emails because they don’t want to get spam. Reliable retailers are not going to spam you. But they WILL let you know when they have a huge sale or a FREE shipping day! A couple weeks ago, I got free shipping that was good for just one day on one of my favorite websites – and I would NOT have known they offered it if I hadn’t been on their email list! :-)

  • Steven L. Rhyner

    I like the deal of the day. Every morning I scan the email to see if there’s anything I’ve been looking for.

  • Laura Durant

    Wonderful tips!! Best Buy has always been one of my favorite stores!!

  • J. Trager

    Woo hoo! Saving money at my most favorite store!

  • Dianna

    Love Best Buy. After reading this article I might be more inclined to try something refurbished again. Bought a refurb camera some time ago and it’s been a perfect camera ever since. I love it even more because for the past year being a VIP member of DubLi – now I make sure I order whatever I want online so I get cash back and then I just go pick it up!

  • Dave Edwards

    Very Kool and timely info … as I am about to look at new computer options. This article has some very good things I did not know … and I have been to this store twice recently and no one mentioned these things while I was shopping. And this is information I can actually put to use. Thanks for sharing and thanks for caring. BD – Good Happens