How To Use Your Gander Mountain Credit Card To Save Money!

How To Use Your Gander Mountain Credit Card To Save Money!

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Using Your Gander Mountain Credit Card.

If you shop for outdoor clothing, gear, and equipment with Gander Mountain, why not save when making the purchases with the trusted retailer? When you use your Gander Mountain credit card, you are going to be able to do just that. In fact, you are also eligible for special sales, promos and other discounted product purchases, whether you are placing an order using your Gander Mountain credit card in store or purchasing something online.

Spend and earn

Using your rewards credit card, for each purchase you make, you are not only going to save on the purchase price, but will also earn rewards for the purchases which you do make. So, how does it work exactly and how much can you earn?

– When you apply for your Gander Mountain credit card and are approved, you will initially receive $60 rewards certificate if you spend $500 or more on the card.

– Double points offers and special finance options are also available at different times of the year to card holders.

– 0% liability on unauthorized purchases, there is no annual fee, and you automatically receive 500 reward points when a qualified buyer is added to your account.

– For every 2000 points you earn, you are eligible for a $20 e certificate for online purchases.

– For purchases made anywhere Master Card is accepted you earn one point per dollar spent. So if you buy coffee, dine out, shop at other retailers, this is all a “qualifying purchase.”

– For gas and groceries you receive two points per dollar spent when using your card.

– For all purchases made in Gander Mountain using the card, you receive three points per dollar spent on purchases.

Upon reaching a certain threshold, you can then redeem your points, and use them towards online purchases, or use them for in store purchases, once you reach a minimum point (typically 2000 points or $20 return on your purchase).

Save even more with promotional financing

As a new card holder, you also are eligible for special financing terms. Additionally, for all purchases of $299 or more, you will typically receive a 6 month no interest finance period. For $499 purchases or more you receive a 9 month grace period. And, for $999 or more, you typically receive 12 months without interest. So, if you are making a big purchase using your card, you won’t have to worry about interest piling up, as long as you repay the entire amount by the maturity date of the special promo financing options. In addition to this, Gander Mountain does offer additional savings and promos at different points of the year to card holders as well.

If you shop with the retailer often, why wouldn’t you want to get paid back for items you are going to buy regardless? When you are a card holder, you can do just that. Not only will you find special promotions and discounts offered regularly to card holders online and in stores, but you will be paid to shop, when you use the Gander Mountain card for qualifying purchases which you are making in stores or through the online site.