How To Save Money On Your Electric Bill: 8 Easy Tips

How To Save Money On Your Electric Bill: 8 Easy Tips

how to save money on your electric bill

How to save money on your electric bill

Depending on where you live, your electric bill can really cut into your income, leaving you with too much month at the end of your money. In states like California, you might find yourself spending 30% of your income on electricity. That’s crazy!

So your best bet is to learn how to save money on your electric bill. I’ll give you 8 quick tips that should shave your electricity bill down. You’ll also feel like a more environmentally conscious citizen because the less electricity you use, the less the power plants are burning of coal, oil, and natural gas.

Let’s dive right in and learn how to save money on your electric bill:

  1. Get power strips for all of your electrical appliances. When you leave the house for work or any extended period of time, turn off the power strips. Appliances in standby mode use an alarming amount of electricity (up to 50% of the power they use when turned on!). Also, do a sweep of the house each night to check for things like TVs on standby, fans on low, the odd light turned on in a hall closet, etc. (Of course, you will want to leave your refrigerator on.)
  1. Use curtains, blinds, and open windows to keep a room cool in place of air conditioning whenever possible. Air conditioning sucks up a lot of electricity and is often only needed for a few minutes to cool off a room quickly. Most people, however, forget to turn it off and the electric meter starts spinning. Fans also use less power than A.C. Buy one with a timer for even better conservation.
  1. Set your water heater’s temperature to 120 degrees F. A difference of 20 degrees will prevent not only the chance to scald yourself, but will also save about $60 a year on your electric bill. To save even more money, turn off your water heater completely when you go on vacation.
  1. Upgrade your appliances to energy efficient ones. If you want to know the quickest long term strategy for how to save money on your electric bill, this is it. The one-time hit to your wallet can be offset by not only savings on all future electricity bills, but even rebates from state and local governments that could cover up to 25% of the cost of the appliance.
  1. Seal the cracks and fill in the gaps. The cumulative effect of the wasted energy escaping through the spaces under the door leading outside or to your garage, small gaps in your window frames, and the flue in your fireplace can add up to a LOT of wasted energy – escaped heat in the winter and wasted air conditioning in the summer. Caulk, expanding foam, and even padded tapes that will have the added effect of cushioning your door when it is shut hard, will make a big difference in your energy use.
  1. Replace your standard light bulbs with L.E.D. lights or compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). Install dimmer switches wherever possible to increase your savings. If you can’t switch to a CFL or LED bulb, consider using a lower wattage bulb.
  1. Dry your clothes on the clothes line outside whenever possible. If you must use the dryer, use it only to fluff or remove lint from your load for a few minutes after the clothes are dry. Remember, sunshine is the greatest disinfectant there is, so take advantage of this free source.
  1. And finally, keep and compare your previous bills each month to see how you’re doing.

Knowing how to save money on your electric bill will help you stretch your income that much further. And remember, as small as these changes may seem, every little bit can add up to a big cumulative difference in the long run.

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  • Mike Sheehan

    What great tips. There are several I can start to do today.

  • Brandy Barajas

    Some really great ideas… I usually just unplug everything so it’s not sucking power… Also turn I turn the thermostat way down at night

  • Mike

    Yeah I could really benefit by committing to more of these tips.

  • rhonda benbo

    OH, gotta run down to the garage to adjust the hot water temp! Great tip….. off to the garage!

  • Chase Swift

    Great tips and we turn off the breaker to our stove and clothes dryer when they are not being used… seems to help save us money!

  • Freddie McGraw

    Great article on saving money on Electric bill! Just replaced all my lightbulbs with L.E.D. lights!!

  • Jamie Plante

    It’s also a good idea to unplug things that are not in use as it still draws power when off.

  • Laurie

    Several interesting tips I’ve not seen outlined before. I get things from my electric company, but I don’t think some of these have ever been included. Really appreciate the suggestions.

  • mike zacher

    wow.. I must be ahead of most people.. already doing all that.. I use a lot of power strips with surge protectors.. when my family uses the desktop pc and the tv’s.. we shut off those appliances every night using the power strips.. updates happen in the morning. we dropped out bill quit a lot.. also unplug our washer and dryer at night.. only have it plugged in when we use it.. we take the plugs out of the outlet and lay it on the dryer and washer for the morning..

  • Steven L. Rhyner

    These are all good ways to save and put the results in your pocket instead of the electric company.