How To Save Money On Gas: 10 Timely Tips That Will Tickle...

How To Save Money On Gas: 10 Timely Tips That Will Tickle Your Tank


How To Save Money On Gas: 10 Timely Tips That Will Tickle Your Tank

So you want to be a good global citizen or maybe you just want to save some money, but either way, you’re looking for ways of how to save money on gas. Great. I think I can help you.

First, let me be assure you that I am not going to tell you to sell your car and buy a hybrid or a SMART or switch to a horse. Those are all great ideas, but they aren’t feasible for most people. No, when it comes to how to save money on gas, I’m going to keep it practical and practicable, meaning you will be able to implement this stuff now.

1. The main way you can consistently save gas is by watching how you drive. This can become a lifelong habit and will result in a much more pleasant driving experience for everyone involved. Mainly, you want to maintain a steady speed as often as possible. Driving at speeds far exceeding 55-65 mph can bring your fuel economy down, as can driving too slowly. Rapid starts and stops will screw your mileage up as well. Basically, drive gently. 

You can ensure that you drive at a steady pace by using the cruise control whenever possible.

2. Another way of how to save money on gas is to find the gas stations in your area that charge the least for gas and go there when you are ready for a full tank. Fill up from near empty as often as possible. Adding 5 gallons here and 3 gallons there will make you think you’re saving money, but actually you’re probably losing a dollar here and 75 cents there if you aren’t getting the cheapest gas.

Download a gas station app (GasBuddy is a popular one) AND a coupon app for your iOS or Android device. There are various ones out there that will show you all the nearby stations and the prices. The coupon apps will offer local gas station coupons.

3. Carpool, ride a bike, or find another way to get to work. Public transportation is CHEAP compared to all the costs related to driving.

4. Do all of your shopping in one trip. Plan thoroughly all of your trips to the grocery store, FedEx, Barnes and Noble, and the hardware store. Do it all in one day instead of taking a bunch of little trips throughout the week.

5. Keep your tires properly inflated.

“Here’s the most bizarre tip I have for how to save money on gas: avoid making left turns. This will decrease the amount of times you have to come to a full stop and increase your mileage.”

6. On the highway, keep your windows closed to reduce drag. Air conditioning won’t actually use more fuel at high speeds, despite the long-running misinformation campaign your dad has been running on you.

7. Empty your car of everything heavy. A lighter car uses less fuel. As soon as winter is over, get those sand and salt bags out, remove the chains if you live in a colder climate, and put that snow shovel back in the garage.

8. Don’t let your car idle for too long. If you’re trapped in a traffic jam, shut off your car when possible.

9. Tighten your gas cap until it clicks! Last year in the U.S. more than 147 million gallons of gasoline evaporated due to missing or loose gas caps, according to Lauren Fix, The Car Coach.

10. Here’s the most bizarre tip I have for how to save money on gas: avoid making left turns. This will decrease the amount of times you have to come to a full stop and increase your mileage.

So there you have it. Ten ways to add miles to each tank and dollars to your wallet.

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  • CashBackQueen

    Well, this article certainly wins the award for best alliteration in a title! The part about driving gently is true, unfortunately – however, cruise control is your best friend on saving gas – use it whenever you can! #7 is a good one! Did you know that when idling your car will use 1 cup of gas per minute? Yikes!

  • Steven L. Rhyner

    Heh, I never thought about the left turn angle but it’s true unless you hit the left hand turn signal perfectly or you’re on a country road with no oncoming traffic. Nice article!

  • Jen

    Who would have thought that avoiding left turns would save you gas! Wow! Great idea to use the cruise control whenever possible. I do that to avoid speeding tickets, but even more of a reason if I can save on gas! Great article!

  • Mike

    3 years ago I would use cruise control all the time to save gas because i was so broke. You’d be surprised how long you can go on E (although I don’t recommend letting it go to E constantly. Less fuel makes your fuel pump work harder and more than likely expire faster). I never got stuck for running out of gas and in some cases I believe cruise saved me. Keep your tires inflated to reduce rolling resistance but make sure you’re going by your car door’s specs (on the placard). Over inflation might make you roll easier, but it will be a stiffer ride and wear and tear the center of your tire quick.

  • Laura Durant

    I never knew about the left turns either!! I sold my grand Cherokee jeep several years ago when the gas prices were getting high….:( However, I love my smaller gas saving car too!!

  • Laurie

    Maybe gas mileage savings is one of the reasons UPS routes their drivers with as few left turns as possible (along with saving time not having to wait to make a turn). Some good thoughts here. I’ve also heard too that filling up in the morning is better than filling up at night; you can get more in the tank or something. :)

  • Jolanda Junge

    Top 3 things I’ve heard when filling up to save $$$ on gas are:
    1) fill in the morning (when it’s cooler) – the gas is denser
    2) fill before tank it’s totally empty – has to do with the vacuum in the tank – again something to do with density
    3) Stop filling when the pump automatically stops. Most of what you would “top off” the tank with actually stays in the hose – so you pay for gas that never makes it into the car.