How to Organize a Clothing Swap Party

How to Organize a Clothing Swap Party

Clothing Swap Party

How to Organize and Host a Clothing Swap Party

What is a clothing swap party?

A clothing swap party is a type of swap meet wherein participants exchange their no longer used or wanted clothing for clothing they will use. A clothing swap party is considered not only a good way to declutter and refill one’s wardrobe, but an act of environmentalism and charity.

I have held these myself and they are SO MUCH FUN!! A clothing swap party is a great excuse to bring all your friends together, let go of old stuff, find some new gems for free, and donate whatever isn’t taken, to your favorite charity.

Where to Begin for your Clothing Swap Party

  1. Set a date and time.
  1. Decide on the food you will serve and let everyone know if they are expected to bring anything or not. That goes for drinky-drinks too. (For mine, I made a big pot of veggie chili, caesar salad and garlic toast and they had to bring their own booze)
  1. Invite family, friends & neighbors and let them know that anything they bring needs to be clean and in good condition (i.e.; nothing with a broken zipper or rips where rips shouldn’t be)
  1. Ask everyone to drop off their stuff a day or two BEFORE the party. This gives you time to set up the ‘swap shop’ so it’s ready when guests start arriving. You may have to pick up from peeps that have no time to drop off.
  1. Now it’s time to prep the ’Swap Shop’. You will need:
    * A large space to hold the swap party–the living room, basement, or even the garage(if it’s clean) will do.
    * Lots of hangers, at least a couple of clothing racks or rods, tables or some kind of horizontal surfaces to display goods, shelves or shelving unit to display goods.
    * A space available for your guests to try on clothing with a full length mirror if possible.
    * A table and chairs for guests to sit at while they eat or just visit.
  1. As stuff comes in before the party, display it or hang it up immediately so you don’t get bogged down for time.
  1. After the clothing swap party is over, everything that did not find a new home will be donated to a charity of your choice.

A clothing swap party is a fantastic way for people, BOTH men and women, to clean out their closets, find ‘new’ articles for themselves for free, meet up and visit with friends and family, and to give back while recycling their unused or unwanted items.

Make this an annual spring cleaning event or bi-annual and add a fall cleaning event as well. Other items to swap are books, baby or children’s clothing and toys, sporting goods, outdoor gear, household items, decor items….the sky’s the limit, so go nuts.

Get creative and have fun. Hold one on a Sunday afternoon with a BBQ. Have everyone bring their own BBQ goodies and have a football game playing in the background for the guys. If kids are going to be there, be sure to have some activities lined up for them too. Don’t do it all yourself if you don’t want to. Ask a friend or two to help you out. Anything is possible and more hands make less work and more FUN!

  • Mike Sheehan

    I am going to share this with my wife and daughters. Great idea.

  • mike zacher

    I just read the article on how to organize and host a cloths swapping party… great way to people to get together.. swap cloths that don’t fit.. and also make a party out of it..

  • Barbara Baxter Friedman

    What a fun idea!! Any excuse for a party…..and I do hate to get rid of good items I don’t use any more. I think this is a great way to save, help each other with the high cost of clothing and then to donate what is left over. Win – Win – Win.

  • Kristin Kauth

    Never heard of such an idea, but I do love it! I’ll pass it along to some of my friends as well. Thanks!

  • Shawna Gibson

    Wow this sounds like such fun!! Great idea! :)

  • CashBackQueen

    Awesome! Be sure you invite people who are the same size! :-)

    • Dianna

      Love your user id! I’ve been calling myself cashbackqueen for some time now! Love it. Shop and not get cash back…………I don’t THINK so!

      • CashBackQueen

        Thank you! I’m with you! It’s not only my user id, it’s my business! Cash back every time! :-)

  • Arild Folgerø

    New warderobe every month :) Not bad if all are close in size.

  • Freddie McGraw

    Oh My Goodness…I am going to have a Clothing Swap Party…So much fun, fashion & finance at the same time.

  • Anita Vroonland

    Great fun for especially kids cloths… before you know it they need larger shoes and stuff! Bring it on!

  • Steven L. Rhyner

    I’m thinking of asking my wife to do this. Then, there might be more room in the closet for my clothes! Good idea…

  • Jolanda Junge

    It’s the grown up version of sharing clothes in high school. Love it!!!
    P.S. Doing this with kids’ stuff is genius.