How To House Train Your Dog

How To House Train Your Dog

how to house train your dog

How to house train your dog

House training your dog can be a grueling process. Dogs have a tendency to learn a habit and stick to it. So if you have been paper training your puppy for a few months, getting him to hold it until you can take him outside is going to require lots of patience and consistency on your part – and not just a stack of newspapers and a handful of treats.

Knowing how to house train your dog can be the difference between being a happy pet owner and being an annoyed one. But don’t give up, no matter how long it takes. Remember, alphas don’t quit!

The first thing you’ll want to do is establish a routine. Puppies learn best with a set schedule. If you work from home or have the time, take your puppy out at set times each day. Remember, like babies, puppies can’t hold it in very well for long periods of time. Use the following guideline in determining how often to take your puppy out: 1 hour for every month of their age; so a 3 month old puppy needs to go out every three hours or so.

When you go outside, return to the spot where your puppy peed or pooped the previous time. This will train your dog that that’s what he should do when you go there. Talk to your dog while he is going potty. Say things like “go potty” or “go pee” and lavish praise on him when he does so. After he does go pee or poop, give him a treat and walk him and play with him a while longer.

Make sure your puppy is eating and drinking on a set schedule. If you want to be sure he will be able to pee or poop when you walk him, be sure to be consistent when feeding him. At night, remove the water bowl so he won’t be likely to have any nocturnal accidents. But remember, most puppies need to go to the toilet every 4-7 hours, so be prepared and be patient – accidents will happen.

Keep an eye on your puppy when he’s inside the house. Like children, puppies will get into mischief, and that can include pooping inside the house. Once you know how to house train your dog, you will learn when your dog needs to go out for a pee and these incidents will be few and far between. If you have to leave your puppy alone, confine him to a small area so he won’t want to pee or poop there. Make sure the dog has room to move, lay down, and stand. If it is too big a space, he will find a corner and go. If it is small enough, he won’t want to spoil the area with a big, smelly poop.

When your puppy does have accidents or when you find him pooping inside the house, raise your voice a little and tell him what you want him to do, such as, “Go outside!” or just, “Outside!” Try not to terrify him, no matter how irritated you are. Remember, he’s just a baby. If he stops what he is doing and goes outside with you and finishes, you should praise and reward him.

“Now that you know how to house train your dog, you’ll find that the joy of pet ownership is all it’s cracked up to be. And you may find yourself with a new best friend.”


Don’t bother to punish your puppy if you find a mess after the fact. This won’t teach him, as it is too far removed from the incident. But when you do find a mess, clean it thoroughly to discourage him from going in that spot again.

Through proper supervision, your puppy will learn quickly and get used to the idea of going toilet outside. If you keep newspapers or pee pads around the house you will only prolong the time it takes, as your puppy will be confused about where it is okay to poop or pee.

Now that you know how to house train your dog, you’ll find that the joy of pet ownership is all it’s cracked up to be. And you may find yourself with a new best friend.

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  • CashBackQueen

    I took my puppy to puppy kindergarten, and our trainer was very specific about house training. She said never scold your puppy if he pees inside. If you do, he will just hide from you to do it the next time. Just say “let’s go outside!” and take him right outside. Never scold after the fact if you find it. Great article!

  • Shawna Gibson

    I testify to the no scolding rule. When we were training our puppy, I confess I did some scolding (oops… but we had almost white carpet!). Well, all she did was hide… in front of my side of my bed! Ugh! So these are great suggestions, I will use them for the next puppy.

  • Jolanda Junge

    Great info. Being consistent in everything is the key!! Just like kids, pets do best with structure to their routines. Once my Luckie Dog got potty training down he’s only had 2 accidents – and they were both my fault – not getting home as soon as I should have… He gave me that guilty “I’m really sorry mom” look.

  • Brandy Barajas

    haha…just found this article right after my dog decided to pee inside. He’s usually outside all the time, but there is a thunderstorm and he gets scared so I let him in. Guess I’ll have to try to train him.