How to escape over-eating

How to escape over-eating

Overweight word on a scale to illustrate overeating and the need to lose weight with a diet and exercise regimen or plan

In this world of dreams, food is everywhere. Whether it’s a shopping mall or a petrol pump, one can get food any time of the day. Super-size meals in the fast food eating places are more or less too good and are sometimes also available at cheap prices. The greatest stylish restaurants are usually sufficient to feed two. In the phase of such abundantly available food, it’s essential to study by what method you can escape overeating.

Here are seven tactics that can assist you in preventing yourself from consuming too much:

  • Stop before you are satisfied: Learn your body’s signs and prepare your mind to stop before you feel complete.
  • Stay choosy: It’s easy to have food just because it’s placed in front of you. Be aware of what you are consuming and make sure that you are selecting what to eat.
  • Select minor servings: Servings in most eating places are more than you expect. If you are eating with somebody, go for sharing an antipasto or order for two starters as a replacement for an appetizer. If you’re eating and no-one else is around, eat only half of your food and take the rest home to eat later.
  • Be cautious of dessert course: A single slice of cheesecake adds much more calorie to your food than expected. Share such a delicious dessert in numerous ways or avoid it entirely. You can either finish your meal with a slice of fruit or other lesser calorie foodstuff.
  • Reduce speed: Consuming fast is the indications that your digestive system produces signs that your stomach is getting full. Reducing your consumption speed gives your belly and intestines the time to direct these messages to your mind.
  • Spoil your craving: Eating a snack or starter before a mealtime can dull your hunger and will make you eat small at the meal.
  • Be conscious of why you are consuming: Sometimes we have food when we’re tired, nervous or annoyed. Try not to relax your undesirable mood with food. Deal with them using other means—chatting with friends, pin your ears back to music, go for a walk, meditate or do some other work. It will relieve you from anxiety without gaining weight.

Most of all, have faith in yourself. Trust in your internal strength. Have confidence in your capability to handle everything in your life. Because it’s only you who know what is correct.


  • Steven L. Rhyner

    I’ve never struggled with weight but I have sympathy for those that do. Good luck and don’t give up!