How to avoid becoming a social media addict

How to avoid becoming a social media addict

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Social media addiction has grown to that point where some individuals give preference to Facebook above sex, update their status from restrooms of shopping centers and sometimes post about their nightlife. They even sheer intimidations to leaders on Twitter, which is a public platform, without even understanding that sedition is illegitimate. Addiction to socialize is many a times inborn. Spending a lot of time online worsen or arouse indications of downheartedness. Social media and social networks are very improbable to vanish any time. There are some safety measures that high-regularity handlers should take to keep addiction checked, thus leaving more fruitful or amusing time available for real-life happenings.

  • Avoid recording your life: There are kinds of people who lead us through every minute of their life, each day, without fail. When these people pop up on our timelines, it makes us think whether this person ever places down their mobile. The craving of social media for maintaining a minute-by-minute record is an unsafe prank that leads to addiction. One way of tackling this subject is to think about a couple of stuff before you express the story of your life to the world. Is it fascinating? Does anyone pay heed to it? If the reply to any of these interrogations is no, then that status update is best left unexpressed.
  • Stop Instagramming food pictures: If you are uploading images of every part of your seven-course meal, then there is a significant challenge. Placing your mobile phone away when you are eating at a bistro doesn’t only allow you to mingle more with people around you, but lessens the time you are using social media for.
  • Use your phone less: With social interacting sites now spreading out their services to those on the go, you can now access social media anywhere you are, via your mobile phones. To walk in an area full of individuals stuck to their phones, tweeting and snap chatting is one of the most irritating states of affairs you can find yourself in. Stop this socializing and place your phone away.
  • Stop bragging: Stop boasting about your glamorous life over social networks as this irritates friends and also makes one appear excessively self-indulgent.
  • Music: Many of the individuals make use of social networks because of the happiness it gives, for example, receiving a humorous snap from a pal. In spite of this, you can find pleasure in pinning your ears back to music. There are numerous music applications that offer free songs. Instead of chatting on Facebook, try paying attention to some tunes and see how it works as a substitute.
  • Switch off your notification tone: Some phones are set to notify whenever one gets a Snap chat, receives a Facebook message, or his tweet gets retweeted on Twitter. For many of us it is the toughest thing to hear the notification sound. It just distracts individuals, and people view it to check what he has received. By turning off your social media notifications, you can avoid yourself from becoming a social kiddo.
  • Get up and do something: The original cause of social media addiction is laziness. When you are idle, the propensity to tweet upsurges significantly. You can avoid this by going for jogging or trying your hand at a new game. While doing this, you can discover a new hobby and can encounter new people. Remember to take their phone number and not their username of social sites.

Getting addicted to social media is undoubtedly a probability, observing the world we live in today. Wherever we go we see it. Social media has become almost vital to our lives in one way or another. As with any possible addiction, the key to avoiding it is to use it in restraint manner.

  • Steven L. Rhyner

    It’s too late, I’m already addicted. Next stop a 12-step program.