Home Depot Do-It-Yourself Classes

Home Depot Do-It-Yourself Classes

Home Depot Do It Yourself Classes
Home Depot Do It Yourself Classes

Home Depot Do-It-Yourself Classes

So you’re thinking about building a deck or a fire pit or a shed or…anything, but you’ve NEVER done something like that before. And you don’t want to pay a contractor to do something that sounds so simple to do. But where can you turn?

When I was a little kid, my father had the Time Life Books series on home repair and DIY projects. I always loved reading through those and pointing out the parts my father had skipped over when hanging the drywall or insulating the attic. (And at the time it really seemed like he appreciated my input.)

Now we have the internet. You can easily bring your laptop or tablet into the garage or back yard and watch do-it-yourself videos on YouTube on how to do anything.

But there’s a drawback to internet videos – you can’t ask questions on the spot and you can’t have someone literally hold your hand and show you how to change the drill bit.

The Home Depot to the rescue!

For years now, The Home Depot Do It Yourself Classes have been making the world of DIY more accessible to the average Joe or Jane.

Here’s a sampling of the Home Depot do it yourself classes at the Home Depot locations nearest my home (Fort Collins, CO) for the next month:

  • Hanging herb garden
  • Interior paint and drywall repair
  • Building a rumblestone planter
  • How to install tile
  • Deck and patio staining
  • Address display planter

And there’s even one for kids (removing the need for a babysitter one Saturday a month):

  • Learn how to build a picket fence photo frame

But there’s a drawback to internet videos – you can’t ask questions on the spot and you can’t have someone literally hold your hand and show you how to change the drill bit.

In the past, I’ve attended classes on building raised bed vegetable gardens, laying a flagstone walkway, and installing a split rail fence. It seems the choices vary every year, so my suggestion is to ATTEND THEM ALL! They’re free!

This is easily the most brilliant idea for a retailer I’ve seen in years. By creating FREE classes and including kids in it as well, The Home Depot has created it’s own tribe of crazed fans who would never consider shopping for home, garden, hardware, carpentry, DIY, pool or patio supplies anywhere else.

The Home Depot Do It Yourself Classes change all the time and are presented by experts in each area. If they require someone from outside of The Home Depot to present it, that expert often ends up getting more clients in the end if what he or she is teaching is just a little too much effort for the average homeowner. Win win win.

The Home Depot website also offers DIY ideas and videos to get you started. http://www.homedepot.com/c/diy_projects_and_ideas

I’m not an employee or shareholder of The Home Depot, but I am a rabid fan of the excellent customer service I receive every time I shop there as well as the aforementioned Home Depot Do It Yourself Classes I can attend for free.

Check out http://workshops.homedepot.com/ for the store and classes nearest you.

  • Brandy Barajas

    I am addicted to Home Depot, lol…well more addicted to DIY but Home Depot helps me fuel my DIY addiction :)

  • Mike

    This is one area I’ve always lacked, or never really gave the time to learn. I always wanted to learn so I could do my own home repairs. I can work on a car but I’m dumbfounded when it comes to housing. I didn’t know about the Home Depot classes so I’ll be looking into that!

  • Joe Krogman

    I’ve been to a few of the classes and they were very helpful. Now I watch youtube from my ipad in the garage. Today I learned how to remove a stripped screw. Love youtube!

  • Jolanda Junge

    Doing it yourself was the name of the game in our house long (decades) before it was DIY. We learned how to measure, plan projects, save money, and become self reliant. Memorial Day project will be re-drywalling a couple of areas in the kitchen that have water damage. So glad that I can pre-order supplies from Home Depot, get cashback, and pick up from store – so no shipping.