Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget: 5 Tips to Save Big Money

Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget: 5 Tips to Save Big Money

home decorating ideas on a budget

Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Yes, decorating your home can be a little expensive, but here are some home decorating ideas on a budget that come easy if you’re prepared to a) get your hands dirty b) turn your creativity mojo on c) be patient and d) learn to see things with ‘new’ eyes

Let’s get you started on some easy home decorating ideas on a budget!

Learn to See Things with ‘New’ Eyes — then Move ‘em!

The one thing I do that makes any space in my home feel ‘new’ is move things around. Your eyes get bored and eventually go ‘blind’ to the things around you if you don’t change them up once in a while. BEFORE you go shopping for new stuff, check out what you already have and move it around. If this doesn’t work or you’ve done this numerous times, THEN go shopping.

Thrift Store ‘Magic’

When you want ‘new’ stuff…remember, ‘new’ stuff is just ‘different’ stuff and some of the most interesting ‘new’ stuff can be found at thrift stores or garage/yard sales. This is where I find what I call the “magic.”  Patience is the most important asset you have while shopping thrift. You don’t NEED this stuff like you NEED food, water or shelter….so be patient and know that letting your space evolve slowly, piece by piece, is quite rewarding.

How to REALLY Stretch Your Decorating Dollars

If you really don’t want gently used stuff, be patient and wait for sales or discounts at your favorite stores — or start earning substantial cash back when you shop online for new & trendy items like I do at places like Crate & Barrel, Sears, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Casa.com, Hayneedle, Pier 1 Imports, and so many more. Earning money while you shop will definitely help your decorating dollars go further!

Unleash Your Inner Interior Designer—DIY Projects Rock!

One of the most gratifying feelings in the world is gazing upon something that you’ve hand-crafted. So, it’s time to get brave and unleash your inner interior designer by taking on ‘do it yourself’ projects. Starting small is key. I suggest you look online for ideas, and how-to articles and blogs that can assist you and inspire you. Doing it yourself is THE way to save heaps of cash and add a personal creative signature to your spaces. Be sure to ask friends or family for help on those larger projects—just don’t forget to offer food & bevies.

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get Dirty!

Home decorating ideas on a budget and DIY go hand in hand and one of the biggest change makers in any home decorating DIY project is PAINT. Get dirty, get creative and start referring to paint as your friend. If you’re looking at something in your house that you’d like to change, ask,”can this be painted?” If it’s a ‘yes’, then find out how and go for it. There are many decorating projects that require a little elbow grease and time—if you can handle that and are up for the creative challenge, I promise you’ll be proud of yourself in the end—not only for saving money, but for getting creative again.

Sharing home decorating ideas on a budget is a bit of a passion of mine. I like saving money in general and I like being creative about it. I hope this was helpful and it has inspired you to move forward with some of your home decorating projects.

  • Mike

    Can’t spell painting without pain. And you know what they say, no pain, no gain. The saving money part helps too lol #DIYStruggles

  • Joe Krogman

    After 17 years of white paint everywhere, my wife and I decided to paint the whole interior. What a difference! Now we have 8 different wall colors throughout the house, none of them white. Ceilings, doors, and door trims should most likely stay white. Baseboards ended up being black and look awesome!

  • Jolanda Junge

    I change things up in my house on a regular basis by “decorating” for every holiday/season. Snowmen in January, Hearts in February, St Patty’s in March, Spring and Easter in April, patriotic theme from Memorial Day through Labor Day, Halloween, Fall, and Thanksgiving and of course Christmas. So many cute designs on pillows and linens, art work, and pieces.

  • mike zacher

    going to thrift stores and places simular are great ways to decorate your house.. use your best gut feeling.. its your house.. you know what works. Hiring a interior decorator works.. not all the time.. so make your statement and keep working at it..

  • Steven L. Rhyner

    I like waiting for sales. The house isn’t anywhere and neither am I. Haste makes waste my wise parents always told me.

  • http://www.theperfectbusinessforyou.com/1182/get-started Anne Marie Conforti

    Doing It Yourself is soooooooooooo gratifying!!

  • http://www.wildcashback.com CashBackQueen

    Awesome tips! I love thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets – you just never know what you’ll find! Moving things around is a great idea, too – it can make you feel like you have a new house! :-)