Five Ways to Save Money at Target

Five Ways to Save Money at Target

Five Ways to Save Money at Target

Have you ever gone into Target for one or two items and come out with a cart full costing over $100? If so, you are not alone. Many people have also had this experience and wondered how they ended up spending so much money. You assume that by shopping at a discount store you will be saving money but actually you blew all of the savings with additional purchases. Let’s examine five ways that will actually help you save money at Target.

Arrive with a List and Stick with it

Before you head to Target create a list of what you need to buy. Try to organize the list by aisle so you can quickly find the items you plan to purchase without having to wander up and down multiple aisles. If a clothing item is not on the list you should avoid that section of the store completely. If you come across something that looks enticing but isn’t on your list avoid buying it. Ask yourself the following questions before putting it in your cart.

  • Is this something I really need to purchase?
  • Do I need to purchase this item today or can it wait?
  • How exactly do I plan to use this item?
  • Am I sure this item is competitively priced? Could I find it cheaper somewhere else?

One way people end up spending more than they anticipated is by putting numerous small items in their cart that weren’t on their list.  They may think that the item is only $5 but when you add ten $5 items to your cart you are adding $50 to the bill. Therefore asking yourself the above questions will verify it is absolutely necessary that you purchase that particular item right away. If you can delay the purchase you will have more time to really consider if it is necessary. In many cases you will come to conclude the item is not needed and won’t purchase it in the future.

Use a Target Credit or Debit Card

Signing up for a Target credit or debit card is relatively simple and you will automatically save 5% off every purchase. If you do wind up with a $100 bill you will only pay $95 if you use the Target Redcard. If you are the type of person who will not keep up with the credit card payments then stick with the debit card. Only use the credit card if you will pay off the full balance every month on time. Interest and fees will negate the 5% savings and then some quickly.

Take Advantage of Cartwheel Deals

Target has introduced Cartwheel which offers special discounts on hundreds of items. If you have a smart phone or tablet you can download an app to see which deals are currently available. It is recommended that you make your shopping list first and then search Cartwheel for additional savings on these items. For example, Cartwheel may offer an extra 5% off of a milk purchase. If you were already planning on buying milk then add the milk deal to your Cartwheel codes. When you are at the register you show the cashier your Cartwheel bar code which includes all of the offers you have opted to use. If you don’t have a tablet or phone you can print out the bar code from your computer and bring it into the store to provide to the cashier.

Use Coupons

Yes, cutting coupons requires a bit of work. At Target you are allowed to use one manufacturer coupon and one Target coupon for each item. So if you have a favorite brand of cereal you can use both a Target coupon and a manufacturer coupon for the box of cereal to save twice on one item. Target coupons often print out with your receipt. Put the coupons somewhere safe so you can pull them out the next time you are at the store. Also check the weekly target ad as it often has a large value coupon for a certain type of item. For example the weekly ad may offer $10 off $50 in pet supplies. If you have a cat or dog you can stock up on necessary items such as food and litter and essentially save 20%.

Shop Online

You are less likely to spend more than you intended if you shop online. If you are looking for a particular item, such as a new DVD, you can quickly and easily find it online. It is less likely you will add unwanted purchases to your cart. If you have a Target REDcard you can still take advantage of the 5% off and your shipping will be free. Finally consider using a site like the one below which will provide you additional savings through their cashback bonus program!

Next time you decide to purchase something from Target keep the above money-saving tips in mind. It is not necessary to come out of the store having spent significantly more than you intended. These tips will help ensure your trip is successful without breaking the bank.

  • Joe Krogman

    I use the target debit card to save 5% and try to buy items that offer the free gift card when buying 2 or more in a category. My best purchase was a gopro camera that was on clearance and still offered a $50 gift card. I use the camera several times a week as as a dashcam.

  • CashBackQueen

    Nice! I’m learning a lot on this site! Had no clue you could use a Target coupon AND a manufacturers coupon on the same item, and never even heard of the cartwheel deal. I LOVE your cashback site, and it has literally stopped my impulse buying! Very easy to stick with your list when you shop online!