Earphone Solutions Review – Cash Back And Coupons

Earphone Solutions Review – Cash Back And Coupons

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Earphone Solutions was founded by Flavio Teixeira and has been operating for 20 years. Its parent company is the FMA Solutions, which is located at Orlando in Florida. This company is not only the largest dealers for Shure earphones in the United States of America but also the world’s largest Westone retailer. It is important to note that the company lacks stores and, therefore, sells only online. It sells a wide range of quality earphones, and its website offers greater guidance for purchasing the best earphones that suit one’s budget given that it only specializes in these products.

Products and Services

Subsequently, earphonesolutions.com offers various classifications of different types of earphones to ensure that their clients do not have difficulties when choosing these earphones. Among the earphones sold here, include Audeo Perfect Bass, Shure SE846, Westone W60 and Westone W10 Earphones.

Audeo Perfect Bass Earphone

According to Earphone Solutions, this earphone has some extra thump that gives music lovers an extremely natural and well-defined sound experience. It comes with a microphone that is compatible with iPhones, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry, and Android, among other mobile devices. These earphones are designed by Perfect Bass Phonak’s engineers who use their hearing expertise to incorporate special filters, which punch up the bass without compromising the music. The earphone is fitted with silicone earpieces that give it a tight and comfortable fit to block out up to 23dB ambient noise.

Shure SE846 Sound Isolating Earphone

These earphones used to cost $1250 but now cost $999, meaning you can save up to 20% when you buy them. They have Unique Low Pass Filters that have ten stainless steel laser cut to new tolerance capabilities. They also feature LF drivers output that travel through over 4” high of inerrancy acoustic path length, and this allows LF to roll and begin at around 75Hz without distortion.

Westone W60 Earphones

The initial price for these earphones was $1299. However, Earphone Solutions currently sells them at $999, implying you can now save up to 23%. The 6-Driver Signature Earphone features six drivers per earpiece as well as a 3-way crossover. It also features Metallic Face plates with multiple metallic color face plates that have secure attachments. This W60 Earphone comes with a Mini Monitor Vault, which is made from a high-impacted polymer and has the perfect size for storage and travel. The Vault features a protective foam interior as well as a weather resistant design. Other features evident in these earphones are balanced armature and replaceable cable.

Westone W10 Earphones

Earphone Solutions currently sells these earphones at $199 from $249 enabling you to save up to 20%. This earphone has a single balanced armature driver, which promises clarity and amazing sound reproduction. It has a True-Fit Technology that enables every listener to achieve a customized fit. Additionally, the W10 features interchangeable face plates, and this allows users to personalize their aesthetic. The face plates make a quicker and easier customization given that they are fused by a secure connection. The W10 earphones also have replaceable cables, which are round MFi G2 and Braided EPIC Cable. Earphone Solutions asserts that these earphones provide the user with an outstanding listening experience.

The Accepted Payment Methods

Earphone Solutions supports a comprehensive range of payment methods such as MasterCard, Visa, Will Mail Check, American Express and Discover. It also supports PayPal, which is considered great because many people trust it, and it adds another layer of security to the company’s policies.

Exchange Policy, Refunds, and Returns

At Earphone Solutions, clients are allowed to return their ordered earphones within the thirty days of purchase date. However, this company does not refund the original fee, and it charges $15 or a 15% restocking fee. It is vital to note that this fee does not apply in the cases of exchanges where the new product is of equivalent or greater value.