Best Part-Time Jobs for High School Learners

Best Part-Time Jobs for High School Learners


Finding and doing a part-time job while attending high school can be an intimidating chore. Balancing work with college assignments, classes, additional happenings and hanging out with friends can be difficult. But many teenagers can cope up with their part-time work accompanied by their other tasks.

Part-time jobs teach individuals how to manage money, how to handle charges and how to deal with the masses. Individuals often get priceless experiences and some desirable independence and money too from their part-time jobs.

Some high school learners’ work in old-style part-time businesses, but several students take a more commercial approach to money making. Let’s scrutinize some widespread part-time professions for high school learners accompanied by some of the benefits and drawbacks:

  • Animal Shelter Employee: If you adore animals then working at an animal shelter could be a perfect part-time job for you while you are in your high school. Shelters appoint minimum-salary workers to spend time with animals and clean their cages. If you want to become a vet, this part-time job offers you with practical knowledge, working closely with animals. As a part-time worker, you will do some displeasing stuff, like aiding sick animals. It can be a miserable, untidy and heart-wrenching job, but for several individuals, the prizes overshadow the uncomfortable chores. If animals interest you, then this is something you will truly be fascinated with. It could be a perfect part-time job for you.
  • Arts and Crafts Manufacture and Sales: If you have creative talents, there is a market for articles that you create, mainly during wintertime. Just before the end of the year, colleges and cathedrals hold arts and crafts funfairs and enthusiastic consumer’s line up to purchase Christmas items, garlands, and emergency gifts. Summertime art festivals are also an opportunity to sell art and handmade costume jewelry. Sales can be irregular, and though the cash can be substantial, it probably won’t swap a stable income. Moreover, you will have to pay only for materials and rent fees for cubicle or counter space at fun fairs and festivals.
  • Babysitting: Looking after a younger neighbor is a habit among many teenagers. Babysitters work Friday and Saturday evenings, leaving the week open for finishing schoolwork and taking part in school-related events. Babysitters are paid well for their time. Sometimes payment differs depending on the child’s stage of development. There are some institutes that provide the one-day session on babysitting that includes emergency treatment training, feeding and diapering practices and also some of the interview tips. Babysitters have to give their best performance if they ever want to get employed. Managing small kids is a difficult task but babysitters set their hours of work and also their salary. It can prove to be a great part-time job for students who love kids.
  • Car Wash Attendant: If you plan to work as a part-time car wash attendant then you will love your job. There are some jobs that get over within some months, but car washes run the whole year round. Some part-time jobs make you feel bored within some months, but car wash attendants always get a key bonus. Though, some likely drawbacks of working as a car wash employee comprise of getting soaking wet, and the chemicals often ruin your clothes. On the positive side, you will make money by getting good tips, and you get to stay outdoor when you are working.
  • Document and Photo Archival Services: Many individuals require documents and photographs scanned and archived, but few individuals have the time to take on this substantial job. People love to have all the photographs scanned and carefully stored online or saved to a processor file, but nobody has the time to do this time-consuming chore. Start this part-time profession and offer to scan, storing and archival facilities for their documents and photographs. Documents can be archived to Google Docs, and photographs can be scanned and stored on DVDs, websites and processors. Decide on the number of photographs or documents that need to be scanned or archived and then fix a price per item based on the span of time it will take to complete the tasks. Pricing for scanning and archival may differ, but a price per document page can be same. The work can be dull, and you’ll have to handle documents and photographs cautiously, to make sure they aren’t spoiled or misplaced.

Teenagers have diverse inspirations for finding a part-time job in high school. Some of these jobs may not get much money, but the experiences can be cherished for their entire life. In just a few hours of a day, teenagers learn about task management, money management, how to work in a team and about proficiency.  They also learn to build self-confidence and how to prosper in the real world.