800contacts Review – Cash Back And Coupons

800contacts Review – Cash Back And Coupons


Need contacts, prescription or non-prescription? Do you need custom fit pairs for a specific condition you suffer from? Are you always looking for the best deal and lowest price on vision care and contacts? If this is the case, and the answer to these questions is a yes, then 800contacts is the site for you to shop with when placing an order on contacts.

Always ship free

Whether you are placing an order for the first time, the tenth time, or your hundredth order, you will never pay for shipping when ordering through 800contacts. So, you simply pay the price of the contacts, as well as any taxes (and applicable state fees depending on where you live), and don’t have to worry about surprise shipping or charges on your order. You will know the final price with each order, and it will never change if you are ordering the same prescription each time you place the order with the merchant.

Name brand lenses

Acuvue, Air Optix, Dailies, Biofiinity, FreshLook, and more. You name the brand of prescription or non-prescription contacts, and the site is going to carry them. If you like to wear the most trusted brand, or if you have a specific eye or vision problem which requires contacts for dry eyes or other conditions, you will find these specialty lenses on the site as well. Throw in the lowest prices, for the top name brands, regardless of the prescription strength, and you won’t find a better online site to order your contacts through when ordering replacements.

More color selection

Blue, red, green, black, clear. If you want these, or any other color, including custom designed lenses, you will find them when you shop through this online retailer. If you want a box with varying colors, if you want the same color with each order, or if you would like to have a new color each time you order, simply state this when checking out and placing your order. No matter what you are looking for, or which distinct color you can’t find on other sites, when you choose to shop with this mass retailer online, you are bound to find the perfect color combination for your eyes and complexion, or the specialty, custom tailored color design which you want to order when placing your contacts order online.

What’s better than receiving your contacts same or next day? The fact that you can get them at no additional shipping charges, and that you are guaranteed accuracy with each order you place for replacement or spare contact lenses online. If you want this, excellent customer service, more brand names than competitors, and more color selection than you will find anywhere else online, you have to order through a trusted contact lenses supplier.

For your next order, and for every other order you have to make for contact lenses in the future, trust 800contacts. In addition to the best deal, your order will always be accurate, and on time, so you never go a day without your eye vision care needs.