6 Cheap Fire Pit Ideas That Will Beautify Your Home On A...

6 Cheap Fire Pit Ideas That Will Beautify Your Home On A Budget!

cheap fire pit ideas

Installing fire pits at home improve a property’s value while offering comfort when people are outdoors during colder seasons. Nevertheless, a fire pit’s design can easily leave an impression about its expensive price. Luckily, there are cheap fire pit ideas that will not only help you save money, but improve your house’s appearance significantly.

Use Concrete Rings

Concrete rings are decking materials placed around a tree’s base. Many also use concrete rings as garden bedding. They are cheap and guaranteed to withstand the heat produced by fire pits. This material is really cheap, costing around $2 to $3 per section. A concrete ring can be composed of several sections depending on your preferred pit size. It’s possible o spend less than $20 to get a full concrete ring.

DIY Fire Pit from Concrete

If you’re experienced in using concrete, create your own fire pit by mixing the material and forming it into a large bowl-like item that will serve as the main pit. Since you’re using concrete, this product is expected to be durable enough even when used outdoors. People who tried this option utilized additional pebbles or stones to fill the fire pit for accent. A small space will be set at the middle for the fire, giving it unique appeal for homes.

Old Tire Rims

Old tire rims are perfect for cheap fire pit ideas. They are made from metal, which means they won’t burn and can work as perfect fire pit lining. Moreover, they can be easily punctured or prepared for setting air vents within the pit. This item is great for those who have excess tire rims that can’t be used for automotive purposes.

In-Ground Fire Pits

Popular fire pit designs are often above ground, which requires building a new pit. For those who don’t want to get additional pit materials, digging on the ground to create in-ground fire pit can be the best option. Dig a round hole of desired diameter then place an old tire rim to serve as lining. You can also use old tiles just to support the pit and keep the ground from crumbling down. Get some old tiles and arrange them along the pit’s top edges, using them as accents for design.

Old Cinder Blocks

If you have a lot of unused cinder blocks at home, you can also use them for setting a fire pit. The advantage of cinder blocks is they will look great as long as stacked artistically and strategically. You can find stacking patterns in creating affordable, but beautiful pits online.

Vintage Galvanized Buckets

If you want an instant fire pit, use a vintage galvanized bucket, like the ones seen in films, place them over used tiles then fill it half-way with some stones. You can start setting a fire and have an instant fire pit. Be careful, though, as galvanized buckets are made from steel, which means they conduct heat and may burn people who get in contact with it.

There are many cheap fire pit ideas to choose from. You can even have $100 fire pit, but it requires research and effort. Nevertheless, a fire pit has its advantages that make it famous among homeowners. Start your project and enjoy a new design element on your property.