5 Exotic Wildlife Destinations in the USA

5 Exotic Wildlife Destinations in the USA


The USA has some of the most eminent natural fascinations on Earth. These places show a great natural beauty that you can enjoy and remember for your life. Here is a list of some lovely destinations that seems utterly exotic and are surprisingly beautiful destinations that are admired by people all over the world.

  • Saipan: saipanSaipan is much nearer to the Philippines and Japan than to the United States. Also, this American island, which is in the region known as Micronesia, is more acquainted to Japanese travelers than to tourists from America. Saipan is a popular tourist attraction with seashores, resorts and workshops all providing excellent services to people. But if you go away from the main hotel spaces and attractive seashores on the south and west shores then you can elude the tourist crowd. The rocky interior of Saipan had some delightful tropical scenic beauty and naturally limits admission to some of the best shores on the island.
  • Aleutian Islands:Aleutian Island Coastal Chain Alaska is dominated by natural surroundings and the Aleutian Islands, which trace out to the west of the Continental are among the most isolated places in the state. Wildlife blooms on these islands in the middle of severe weather conditions, active volcanoes, and unpredictable oceans. Places like the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge attract hunters and travelers. Appropriate tools and guides are all compulsory in most parts of the Aleutians.
  • American Samoa: SAMOAThis independent United States land is a portion of the similar South Pacific region and is the independent nation of Samoa. The traditional way of life is still significant here, as many people follow the customs and traditional rules that are more closely linked to Polynesian village-based governing systems than to U.S. laws. The Isles of American Samoa have a remote and exotic feeling compared to more crowded Pacific destinations like Hawaii or Tahiti. The high mountain crests offer remarkable views, while the virtually untouched seashores on the far-flung Isles boast clear waters, swarming coral reefs and a complete absenteeism of other tourists.
  • Culebra: Aerial view of Culebra island, Puerto RicoCulebra is discovered by some travelers as a beautiful place, but it has a shortage of big hotels, eateries, nightclubs and shopping malls that makes it an off-the-beaten-path destination. Seabirds, the giant Culebra anole, and leatherback turtles are amongst those faunae that made this island far away from other places. Culebra is the best place to see bioluminescent organisms that brighten up some of the seaside waters at darkness. The wildlife culture creates a unique atmosphere for tourists.
  • Great Sand Dunes National Park:
    Great Sand Dunes National Park
    Great Sand Dunes National Park

    These are one of the unique sceneries in the United States. But these exceptional beauty is the tallest dunes in the U.S., located in southern part of Colorado near the New Mexico boundary. This dune-land is open for tourists, who can travel individually or take a park ranger-guided trek. There are even places where sand-boarding and sand-sledding are possible. Those who can hike at the upper part of the area are rewarded with panoramic sights of the complete dune-arena.


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