3 Simple Ways To Save Up For a Big Expense

    3 Simple Ways To Save Up For a Big Expense


    Saving money isn’t always easy, but it’s possible. If you’re been wondering about how to save money for a house or how to save money for a car, let us share with you a few tips that are sure to make a big impact.

    #1 Do You Know Where Your Money is Going? Lot of people struggle with saving money on a tight budget because they don’t realize that some (or in some cases – a lot) of their income goes towards things that aren’t really necessary.

    Fast food and clothing are two things that are typically written off as essentials – everybody’s got to eat and work requires that you look good, right? However, these are two things that can easily be reduced– either in frequency or cost.

    If you want to save money, you need to first take an honest look at where your cash goes. Try to find ways to cut costs, such as eating at home more often or electing to shop for less expensive clothes. You can also try car-pooling to work or exercising at home instead of a gym.

    #2 How to Save Money at the Grocery Store? Grocery shopping is another expense where the potential to save cash is huge. There are three primary ways to achieve this.

    First and foremost, never go to the grocery store without a list – and always stick to it. Second, take advantage of weekly specials whenever you can. Last but not the least, learn how to coupon to save even more.

    How much money you end up saving on groceries will depend directly on how much effort you’re willing to put in. Even if you follow just one of the tips above, you’ll see big changes in your total bill. If you apply them all, your new home or car will feel so close that you’ll think you can reach out and touch it.

    #3 You Can Save Money at Home, Too: Once you’ve mastered grocery shopping, it’s time to learn how to save money on bills and other home expenses.

    The first step is to make a list of all your expenses. While the obvious ones are rent and utilities, don’t forget to include things like lawn care or pool maintenance.

    Next, take an honest look at each expense and see if there’s a way you can reduce them individually. For instance, if you drive to work and gas is expensive, can you car pool or take a bus or train? If your cooling costs are high, it might be time to start using fans or even upgrade your air conditioner.

    If you’re paying other people to do jobs around your house, such as cutting the grass or skimming the pool, consider taking on these tasks yourself. You might think you’re too busy or the work is too hard, but you have to ask yourself: what is more important – having someone trim your hedges so you don’t have to or having enough money to buy a new house?

    Learning how to budget your money and save might seem like daunting at first, but once you start developing and maintaining good habits like cost-cutting wherever possible, things will get easier.

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    • Steven L. Rhyner

      These are all good tips but I think one of the most important is awareness of where your money is going. Once you know that then you or your family can decide what expenditures are the most important with whatever your long term goal is.