Is your home looking a little worn-out?

Need a fresh look?

Regular care for small repairs, save you money in the long run by helping to avoid major repairs. Major revamps cost thousands and doesn’t assure to add to the worth of your home. But that doesn’t have to stop you from modernizing your home.

Slight, cheap alterations improve the look and feel of your home without contravening the budget. Here are 10 methods to give your home a new look without it being heavy on your pocket:

  • DECLUTTER AND ORGANISE: A decent neat, declutter and organize make large changes to the look and atmosphere of a room. Decluttering of a house also helps in clearing the tiredness from your mind as well. Less mess opens up and revitalize a room, giving it an extra comfortable and serene feel.
  • CLEAN: After decluttering, the succeeding stage is to give your home a decent deep cleaning. When was the last time you washed the carpets or splashed down the walls? A deep cleaning makes your house look like fresh. Before restoring your home, clean gaps, partitions, floorings and surface. Clean your fixtures deeply. Wash screens and curtains unless you find it fresh and sparkling.
  • FIX THINGS THAT ARE DAMAGED: There’s not anything that cries negligence more than damaged furniture’s or fixtures. A more attractive home can be as modest as fixing or substituting whatever that is damaged or look untidy.
  • LET IT BE WELL-LIT: The right kind of light i.e. plenty of sunshine all through the day and lenient, dim light at night-time improves the mood and complete feel of your home. The finest way to increase light in your home is to expose the curtains, clean the openings and let the light lit your home well.
  • ADD PLANTS: Bring al fresco in together with pot plants as part of your interior decoration. Pot plants not only lift a room to other world, but they also help detoxify the air and improve your home’s health.
  • USE MODERNIZE FRAMES AND WALL HANGINGS: If you are using a wall hanging in your living area then give your portraits a fresh look by modernizing the frames. On the other hand, capitalize in or create new art for your walls.
  • APPLY A COAT OF PAINT: If you have the financial plan for just one item, then go for a new coat of paint. A new coat of paint completely revitalize an exhausted looking room and give it a modernized look. If your budget doesn’t give for a whole paint work, then you can just go for a carpentry and bordering. You can even paint a single wall to draw an attention of your visitors.
  • MODERNIZE FIXTURES AND FITTINGS: Give your home a modern apprise by substituting old-fashioned fittings and fixtures.
  • REFINISH AND REFACE: A complete different modernized kitchen cost thousands of dollars. To give your kitchenette a new look, leave the edifice as it is and just refine it with painting or changing the closet flaps and substituting the door knobs.
  • UPGRADING MACHINES: Upgrading old machines not only give your kitchenette a fresh look but also saves money on consecutive costs. Restoring your home doesn’t have to charge you thousands. As long as the original structure is hard, cosmetic changes like paint and substituting fixtures and furniture will give a complete fresh look without breaking the budget.
  • http://www.followyourvisonnow.com Laura Durant

    These are great tips!!

  • Steven L. Rhyner

    All great ideas. You’d be amazed what a fresh coat of paint will do for any home. Give it a try!